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Maybe your biz is doing ok but some things are just not working and you can’t figure out how to get it all to gel. Or you are just busy, busy, busy and burned out. You can’t imagine continuing at this pace. Are you working your tail off but not making any money? Maybe you know you need to increase your pricing or develop collections but just don’t know how to go about it. Well…I have a solution for you! It’s called The Thriving Photographer.

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Enrollment for the Thriving Photographer Program that is. There are only a few times a year you can hop on the Thrive train. Why not make this time yours?

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  1. The Thriving Photographer Enrollment opens tomorrow, 9/16/15 and closes 10/1/15. I want to coach you through this program that whipped me and my business in to shape. Find out how this can happen for you HERE.
  2. There is a FREE webinar Wednesday (tomorrow!) and Thursday that you must sign up for! Leah Remillet, the awesome creator of the Thriving Photographer, will be giving tons of great info that you need. I always take away something, still. Go HERE to grab your spot.
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That’s all for now. If you click on my link above (which you should do), you will have a good bit of info to read there. You need this or you wouldn’t have read this far right? Don’t put this off!

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It’s almost time to go back to school, can you believe it? I have finally gotten used to the summer schedule and the girls have settled in nicely too. They are actually getting a long this week! To celebrate the passing summer I thought a back to school giveaway was in order!

You’ve probably done all sorts of fun, photo-worthy stuff this summer, right? I bet you have a nice tan too. Well, this giveaway is just for you! There are items in the giveaway for you to document your family (and your tans:), then put those family memories into a keepsake, plus display one in your home. Then choose a darling custom print to brighten up your home.

The giveaway will begin Monday, August 3rd and run through midnight CDT on Thursday, August 6th.

The winner will be announced on Friday, August 7th.

I’m partnering with 3 other great companies to bring you this back to school giveaway.

Back to School Giveaway Includes:

1. 30 minute family mini session with DWP + 8×10 Signature portrait. (For Families in the KC Metro area only)

2. 8×10 print of choice from Lily Cole Designs, plus 25% off an order from her Etsy shop.

3. 1 – Premium Panoramic Photo Book from Mpix (the lab I recommend to all my clients for printing digitals).

4. 1 – 3×3 Ornament Frame from the Organic Bloom, plus 30% off an order the week after the giveaway.

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All you need to do to enter is click the link below. Each action will get you one entry and can be completed once, with the exception of the social media sharing. You can do this daily for up to two entries per day! So don’t forget to come back and complete those entries each day.


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I have know Michelle since our oldest children were babies. Our kids are growing up and go to different schools  so I don’t get to see her as much. A true sign that our kids are growing up too fast is that they don’t even remember each other.:( Nevertheless, I enjoy getting to check in and catch up at our sessions. As always, I had fun with Michelle and her crew of boys!



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It’s been a few weeks since I did a Mom and Me Session for each of these ladies. I still wanted to be sure to show some of the great images I captured of moms and their kids. In my humble opinion, it is uber important to get out from behind the camera and do this with your kids.

Mom and Me SessionPINIMAGE

It’s real easy for us moms (yes, me too) to dismiss getting in photos with our kids. We want to wait until everything is perfect. If we were to stop and really think about it, we would come to the realization the it will never be the perfect time. The time to document you and your kids is now. You don’t even have to wait for a Mom and Me session! You don’t HAVE to hire a professional. (Although I do recommend it!) Get out that camera and just. do. it. [said in a loving voice]

Mom and Me SessionPINIMAGE

My heart fills with joy when I see these images and know these moms have invested in doing this for themselves and their kids. Because really, it’s our kids who inherit these priceless heirlooms. They will mean the most to them down the line.

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Enjoy More Mom and Me Session Highlights

Mom and Me SessionPINIMAGE


Mom and Me SessionPINIMAGE


Mom and Me SessionPINIMAGEMom and Me SessionPINIMAGE


Mom and Me SessionPINIMAGE


Mom and Me SessionPINIMAGE


Mom and Me SessionPINIMAGE


Mom and Me SessionPINIMAGE


Mom and Me SessionPINIMAGE





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Kim Christy Fedt -

Love all of these photos!!!! Gorgeous work Denise!!!