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5 Reasons Why I Love What I Do

If you have ever wondered what spurs on a photographer’s passion, I am here to tell you! Well, at least from my point of view. Below are 5 reasons why I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for anything at this point in my life!


  1. Photography changes how you see things. I notice colors, textures, flowers, trees, people, shapes and light in a way most people never see them. I pay more attention to the beauty around me. Even the most mundane object can become beautiful when I photograph it in a creative way. I find myself eyeing old, grungy things all the time and admiring them for their textures!
  2. It’s an amazing creative outlet. I get the chance to put a little bit of who I am, along with who my clients are, into each photo that I take. Anyone can click a camera’s buttons, but not everyone can truly make a photo come to life. I love creating that synergy with my creativity and my client’s uniqueness as a family.
  3. It’s a challenge. Creating amazing photos that capture the magic of everyday life doesn’t come without hard work, dedication, and imagination. There is always something new to explore and a new ways to take the same photos. It’s a job that never gets boring and I don’t take it lightly. I want each of my clients to have amazingly unique images, just like their amazingly unique family!
  4. I get to meet new and amazing people all the time. I work with people from all walks of life and love it! I often walk away a changed person from working with families. Getting to know someone new is a part of the process of bringing someone’s personality through in a photo. It also makes the job a lot more fun!
  5. The flexibility is great. Focusing on family is what I do in my business. I document the uniqueness, the fun, the moments that make a family a family. In that same vein, those same things are equally important to me and my family. Being a full time photographer allows me to be flexible with my hours. I am able to do things such as volunteer in my child’s class, which is important to me! I wouldn’t say flexibility equals easy. I am always aiming to perfect my craft, taking on new challenges, learn something new about running a business, and helping my clients achieve treasured heirlooms.

When you decide to pay for a professional photo session with me, know that you are hiring an individual who is passionate about what they do and is willing to go the extra mile to help you create beautiful photos that you and your family can treasure forever. These 5 reasons why I love what I do, are just the tip of the iceberg!

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