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Family Photos: 5 Tips To Get Your Family On Board

Family photos can be stressful.

I will say, they don’t have to be. The fact is though, they often are.

Even though you know it’s so important to document your family each year, and you really want to, you don’t. The stress of it all is enough to keep you from acting.

A negative tone can be fueled from the get-go with the grumbling that comes from your family. You have that one child that despises being photographed and in the opinion of your husband, it’s a painful experience.

“What monkey suit do you want me in?” is what I got from my husband one year.

I hate to say it mama, then there’s you. (yep, and me too)

We can be our own worst enemy when it comes to getting professional portraits taken. If mama ain’t happy…you know the rest.

Well, no one can change mama, except mama. Am I right?:)

Don’t despair! I’ve got you covered with some tips that will help you get yourself AND your people on board for family portraits. Just think, put these tips to work this year, and it will make next year even easier.

fun kansas city family portraitsPINIMAGE

Having fun results in cherished images.

5 Tips To Get Your Family On Board For Family Photos

  1. Bring it up early. Let your husband and kids know about the session several weeks ahead of your scheduled date. You want them to get used to the idea. Let them know how important it is to you.
  2. Sell the experience. Instead of focusing on portraits and products, focus on the session being a special, fun family activity. It is!
  3. Let go of perfection. This is a biggie. Just do it. Through every aspect of the experience, from telling your people about the session to getting ready, to what happens at the session. Make your only expectation having a great time with your loved ones.
  4. Focus on fun. Use the word FUN as a filter you run everything through as you plan and prepare. Have fun working together to pick outfits. Have fun brainstorming activities you can do during the session (your kids are good at this). Have fun on the way there. Most importantly, have fun WHILE you are at your session. Release control and let your photographer handle EVERYTHING ELSE. Yep, even controlling your kids. (see #3)
  5. Reward yourselves. Instead of bribing your kids to behave well during the session (usually ends badly), choose a fun activity to do after the session as incentive. Then go do it, no matter what. No taking the activity away. You can use it as a positive incentive. i.e. “Almost done, are you ready to go grab ice cream? We’ll be on our way as soon as we finish this shot. What flavor are you gonna choose?” Go grab a yummy dinner or go out for that ice cream. Stop at QT for a drink or you can even make it as simple as playing at the park. Make it a tradition each time you get your portraits taken and they will look forward to it.
fun family photosPINIMAGE

Focusing on fun results in a natural, authentic portrait.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you the next time you are ready to book your family photo session. Don’t forget to check out the rest of my posts in my guide for FUN FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY.

What’s that? You want to book a session with me right now? Well, I’d be happy to hook you up! Just click the CONTACT link at the top of the page, and I’ll get you set up.

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