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How to best display family portraits in your home

How to best display family portraits in your home can be tricky sometimes.

The way you display them is a personal preference. There really is no wrong or right way if the portraits you hang bring you joy.

However, family portraits are investment and because of that, you’ll want them to look their best in your home. There are some guidelines you can follow to make your investment something you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Here are a few tips you can follow to beautifully display your family portraits in your home.

 Choose the right size to display family portraits

Depending where you want to display family portraits, you will want to be sure to choose the right size for the space your are considering. For example, if you are choosing a large living room wall, you will need a bigger size portrait than you think. This is also true on many smaller wall especially if you are doing a canvas vs. a framed print.  You will probably also, need more than one portrait depending on the size of your wall.

So often, folks think that an 8×10 or 11×14 are large portraits. I consider these more gift prints or table top prints. The 11×14 is the small end of wall portraits. Take a look below at the print comparison and you’ll see what I mean.

family photography print sizePINIMAGE

The 11×14 is not looking so big, huh?

Below, you’ll see an 8×10 canvas print. It’s lost on the wall, even though the wall is not that big.

How to best display your family portraitsPINIMAGE

I’m not saying you can’t use smaller sizes to display family portraits on a wall, but you will need to group several of them and possibly frame and mat them.

How to best display your family photographyPINIMAGE

Choose the right type of portrait product

There are many types of portrait wall products these days. Choosing the one that fits you and looks best in your home is easy.

Where you display family portraits will guide you decision. Ask yourself a few questions… What room you am I putting the portrait in? Child’s room? Living room? Basement? Do I want the portrait to blend in to the decor, or be a statement piece.

If you are choosing a large wall portrait, you may want to choose a canvas. Canvases are versatile and can easily be moved to another room, and blend right in with the decor.

family photography wall groupingPINIMAGEIf you are choosing to group smaller prints, then you will want to frame and possibly mat your prints so that they balance out the space on your wall. Be sure to choose a quality frame that will enhance your photo and the space it is in. The nice thing about investing in quality products is that they will last. You an simply replace the portraits each time you have new ones taken.

Have a plan

If you are going to display family portraits on the wall, large or small, have a plan. Nothing is more frustrating than putting necessary nail holes in your walls! Also plan out where you will enjoy the portraits the most. Where will you see it the most? Where will it bring you the most joy?

There are many tutorials on the web for how to best hang groupings. Check out Pinterest for ideas!

Lay your portraits out on the floor or a table and play with the arrangement until you like it.

family photography frame groupingPINIMAGE

Another part of your plan should be keeping those framed portraits from hanging crooked! Check out this helpful tip.

Get some help

There’s no shame in having help with this stuff! Ask the person helping you create your portraits for help.

One of the many services I provide my clients is the Session Premiere. (my favorite part!) This is where I go to my client’s home and help them decide how best to display their family portraits. I am there to guide them in making choices based on the tips I’ve listed here. I feel pretty strongly about not sending them off with just the digitals to figure it out all on their own.  I hear again and again how this turns in to digitals in a drawer instead of keepsakes on the wall!

family photography wall portraitPINIMAGE

I hope you have found these tips for how to best display family portraits in your home helpful. Don’t forget to read all the post in my guide to Fun Family Photography in Kansas City.

I’d love to help you with this process. I can take you through, start to finish. Get in touch!




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