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Should You Have a Themed Photo Session?

If you use social media, you have probably seen many themed photo sessions.  Your friend’s kids got their latest holiday pictures taken with Santa hats in front of a snowy scene. Your aunt had a movie theme for her birthday pictures. You may wonder, should you have a themed photo session?

There are countless ideas out there for making your photos interesting, unique, and a reflection of your personality. Birthdays, hobbies, holidays, back to school.

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DWP does just a few themed sessions, as my mission and passion is focusing on the relationships more than the props, but they are fun to do and I enjoy them!

Should You Have a Themed Photo Session?

Before you consider a themed photo session, ask yourself these questions:

Why do I want to do this type of session? What will I do with the photos? Where will I display them? Will the theme go with my home decor, or do I just want them for an album? Who will be in this session? Will I be hiring someone to do this or be doing it myself?

Then, to discover your ideal theme ask:

Is this photo session indoors or outdoors? If it’s outdoors you’ll probably want to consider a theme that suits the weather.

What season is it? If you are looking to use a specific backdrop or seasonal prop, can you use Mother Nature’s current display as your theme?

Do you love a specific historical era, such as the 50’s? Or a particular TV series like Star Trek? There are so many eras and movies that you can draw inspiration from. Make a list of shows, movies & eras that you and your family love.

Do you have specific hobbies? Perhaps you are an animal lover, a sports fan or have a passion for fashion. Make a list of your interests and your theme might just jump out at you.

Maybe a special holiday is coming up.

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Is this a major life event? Use your pregnancy announcement or a milestone birthday as the perfect excuse for a fun photo session. Consider using a setting and props that speak to both you and your partner’s interests. There is also tons of inspiration on websites such as Pinterest that you can turn to for ideas

Whatever theme you decide to choose, make sure that it speaks to your personalities so that you genuinely enjoy the process and the results. Themed photo sessions are also usually a great way to encourage children to be involved and to get them excited.

Still wondering, should you have a themed photo session? I would love to help you figure that out and bring your theme to life! Get in touch or hop on my VIP list HERE so you are the first to know when I have special themed sessions.

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