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Why You Should Invest in Professional Photography

Having family portraits taken is important to a lot of moms, as talked about in the post Family Photos: 5 Tips To Get Your Family On Board. As a mom, you want to have nice keepsakes to look at each day and be able to pass them on as heirlooms to your children. This is why you should invest in professional photography!

In this day and age of digital, it’s easy to want to try to DIY or have “my friend with the digital camera” take your family portraits. That’s fine now and then, and I bet your friend with the camera is probably really good. However, these scenarios often won’t meet the expectation you have in mind. The result is a frustrating experience and result.

Hiring a professional photographer can be an investment, and because of that it’s not a priority for a lot of people. I totally get that. They want to spend their money elsewhere. But if you really think about it, you could make some small changes and save up enough to do this important thing for your family.

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Why you should invest in professional photography


All you have to do it show up looking all spiffy. When you choose the right professional, they have systems and processes for everything they do. From the first inquiry, to the session and right up to delivery of your products. They know where the great lighting is and how to make you look your best. They are really good at getting your kids to cooperate, without getting emotions involved. That’s worth it right there, if you ask me. They have done this over and over. They know the ins and outs.

Your photographer gets to worry about everything, while you have fun with your family! When you go home, all there is for you to do is wait expectantly for the finished portraits. In the other scenarios, you’d be downloading the images, or having to order them.


Your friend will give you the digitals and you can go online and order whatever products you want. But, do you have time?  Will the color be right? Are the products archival quality? Will they last?

A good professional photographer takes pride in knowing the answers to all of these questions and they want you to have ready-to-enjoy products. They don’t want you to have a list of to-dos because all they gave you were the digitals. They have done extensive research in to high quality products and offer the best. They know how to manage the color of your images to make sure you don’t come out looking like a Oompa Loompa!:)


You are hiring and paying someone to take your portraits. That means they are reserving special time just for you. Even though your friend with a good camera loves you, they might just have to run off to pick up their kid from school.

However, if you are paying a boutique photographer (not a big box chain store) then they will dedicate enough time to you so that you won’t feel like a number. They will give you all the time necessary to get the photos you have imagined.

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I hope I have brought up some key points as to why you should invest in professional photography.

Keep in mind there are many photographers out there and they are not created a like. Be sure to do the research and find a photographer that is right for your expectations and your family.

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