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The Experience

I will be in contact with you a lot during the process of getting your portraits made. I don’t want there to be any guessing about anything. I want you to be able to look forward to getting your photos taken, not dread it. Also, I love getting to know you and your family so I can better capture who you are.

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When you inquire about a photo session, I will want to chat live.

“Why do you want to get your photos taken?”  is what I’ll want to know.

In my years of experience This is best done over the phone or in person. I want to get to know you!


Part of the DWP experience is helping you feel prepared and relaxed about your session. I’m here to make the whole thing easier for you. From the first phone call until the portraits are on your wall, I’m here to consult with you to make this experience a meaningful one for you. I’ve got you covered!


A Custom Session usually takes about an hour, but is never rushed. I’ll take all the time needed to capture your family having a blast together. I limit my sessions so I have plenty of time for you. Come to your session with one goal in mind: fun. I will take care of the rest. 


Kansas City Family Photographer |


Once we have had fun creating your images, it’ll be time for the best part. Seeing your images! One to two weeks after your session, I will come to your home (with yummy sweets in-hand) for your Session Premiere.  I want to help you choose the wall portraits or products you want. I will work closely with you to create one-of-a-kind pieces that grace your walls and bring you joy every day.


Be ready to cheer when your portrait order is delivered to you approximately 3 weeks after your Session Premiere. Because I don’t want to keep you waiting, I aim to make that time even shorter. Some specialty products may take longer. Depending on the size of your order, I will deliver your priceless artwork right to you, or have it shipped to your door. 


Once you get your hands on that precious artwork, you won’t be rid of me. I want to make sure you are ecstatic with your order. If you are not, I will work with you until you are! 

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